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Reson of Thammanna Seance Deleted In Baahubali 2

In the second part of baahubali There are many seance of thammanna 
Great performance Edit and trashed by director of Rajamouli
Report Say That Final Effect Was Removed Becouse Of visul  Effect was not good
But edited and deleted Sean's Rajamouli said That Actresses has performed Well
Some online web sites reported
That was he was no happy
Thammanna Was trained in arms Training and horse Riders for the movie
In the second part she is playing role of good  
Character and the actresses
Was told before the relise but the actresses said  she had brief Seance over.her removal from the filim
In the fist part Thammannna prested the crusial and powerfull character.

in the second part of the climax sean thammanna's character Avanthika appears .Just three or four seans Thats just like a Flashlight in the trailer of the Movie.

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